Hi, I’m Adrian!

London, Big Ben, street, Westminster
I’m a photographer, a traveler, a friend and never a foe. And I am a tramping man! Errrr, what?

Yes, I have been told by my mom numerous times not to tramp. I just can’t help I have big feet and I am a tall guy! But I also love going on a small or a big tramp (as a walk, hike, trip) and it really does make me a happier person. I decided to share this with you, dear reader. You might one day decide that you also need this little tramp away in your life and this blog will hopefully be an inspiration and a source of information.

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” 

I promise to not overload this blog with bland information, but rather focus on some interesting facts, funny moments, inspirational motives and helpful tips. And foremost, I want you to enjoy the time spent here. With me. Alone. For everyone to see. It gets creepy now… I better stop…!

We only have one life, so we better live it well. Having wonderful memories and amazing things to look forward to help us to get through difficult times. This very blog, and interests in photography, traveling and exploring were somehow boosted by very down to earth problems in life. But I needed no doctors, no pills, no sessions, no talks – only a passion and a reason to live. And now what a life that is!

So enjoy the blog and let’s tramp through the world together!