Sydney: 10 hours in the city.

I hope nobody thinks that 10h is enough to see Sydney! But when you are limited by stopover hours and you are not too lazy to waste spend this time at the airport, then it’s plenty of time to check a few places in the city.  Also the train linking the airport with the city is very quick and convenient – unfortunately it is not the cheapest option as it’s privately owned. But… time is money they say?


Beautiful Manly Beach below. It competes with Bondi Beach for the title of the best beach in Sydney. This is where I will go on this brief visit to the city.


They have their very own little Ikea! ❤


A Christmas tree does not go along with 25*C weather. It just does not.


One of the things about Sydney that I love is how active people here are. The weather and plenty of water around help a lot though. This “go outside” attitude is something desperately needed in some of the grim cities up north.


Sydney downtown is not too busy this morning. I am heading over to the docks to take a ferry to Manly Beach.


The ferry is not only a nice, chill-out journey but it allows you to have a good view of Sydney harbor with the famous Sydney Opera House.


From nearly all…




A classic shot of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.


Many Beach welcomes you with some comfy seats and live music!


The promenade leading from the ferry to Manly Beach is full of shops and places to eat. It’s a very enjoyable short walk.


Manly Beach. Let’s relax.


Pretty, cheap houses 🙂 Of course they are all but cheap…


The colour of the water… it just screams: jump in!


I think I spent about 2h relaxing and walking around. It is a lovely place and a bit different to Bondi Beach. I couldn’t say which I liked more… I love both!


Back on the ferry to the main part of the city. A Qantas flight has just taken off the airport. It will be me in couple of hours too!


Sydney is a great port of call for many cruises. I have mixed feelings about this kind of travelling. It really isn’t healthy for the environment. But then again so isn’t flying…


Deja vu! I have managed to save an hour to do the Sydney Opera House tour! Something I missed the last time I visited Sydney.


Sydney Opera House is a marvel of a building and a true masterpiece. It exceeded the initial budget by a lot and created a few major challenges leading to the architect of the building to resign before the opera house was completed.


The external house is home to a smaller building inside designed for the best acoustics possible. The tour gets you inside a few stages and the guide throws some brilliant facts to keep your jaw open while walking around!


The guided tours are a great way to see the place, but I believe the best way to see / feel it is to buy a ticket for a live concert. The concert hall looks splendid but we never actually got to hear anything…


This place is one of the most expensive spots to be at New Year’s Eve in Sydney.


That’s about it! A very brief visit to the city and 2 places ticked off the list. Let’s jump on this Qantas flight to New Zealand. Another adventure awaits !


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