Singapore: a city in a garden.

Singapore is only a city-state and considering such limited space it’s got a lot to offer for short and long term visitors. Having been to the city three times already I cannot say I am bored of it in any way. Quite contrary, I think the city is absolutely worth exploring and perhaps, if you can put up with the heat and humidity, moving in? (I am ignoring the fact that the city is also super expensive 🙂 )


Changi Airport could be a destination on it’s own. Perhaps it is for some schools?!



Many cities around the world claim the title of a “Garden City” but Singapore takes it to a next level and claims itself to be a “city in a garden”. It certainly does feel so when you walk the streets of this great city.  Or stay in Parkroyal on Pickering Hotel?


Very classy views of Singapore.


The Singapore Botanic Gardens is just part of the city contribution towards nature. The gardens are located within the city and are not part of the Gardens by the Bay (I did confuse myself when I read about the city’s attractions). It is a popular destination for locals and visitors and is easily accessible by metro.


If I had to describe this place with one word it would probably be “lush”. Singapore’s location nearly on the equator creates ideal environment for many plants.


The gardens are split into sections and apart from wowing you, they also try to give you some interesting knowledge in less or more interactive way.


This almost felt like National Geographic filming a wild monitor lizard having an afternoon tea. I did feel sorry for the turtle though…


Can you find the butterfly hiding somewhere?


One of my favourite parts of the gardens is National Orchid Garden. I should have mentioned that the general entry to the park is free of charge, but there are some paid to enter exhibitions and the below garden is one of them. Although I am pretty sure you will agree it’s worth sparing those few dollars.


I tried to be a selective of what Orchid photos I shared here to not overload the post. But there were so many beautiful Orchid species i could not just ignore but take a pic or two…


Lovely mirror, thinning where necessary!


Another hungry monitor lizard looking for a pray…


Back to the city. If you ever wondered, durian fruits really do smell terribly. Once you have smelled it once, you will recognize the scent from a far.


Gardens by the Bay are amazing during the daytime, but the place does not die after dark. On the contrary, the park attracts thousands eager to see a thrilling show of light and music. The performance takes place twice every night and it is quite a sight.


Singapore established its position as a gateway to Asia and one can clearly see why from a plane window.


Take care Singapore!


Hi England 🙂


Thanks for visiting,


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