Borneo: Kinabatangan River, part 3

The last day on the banks of Kinabatangan River was slightly less intensive. One last river trip and an awesome trek in the jungle were much fun though. The day was hot and humid but the abundance of mosquitoes in the woods forced us to wear long sleeves. The floor was pretty moisturized though and so we also had to wear boots. Not the most comfy wear in 30*C heat but noone wanted to come back full of bug bites! It was well worth it though and I have managed to take some decent photos too!


A really good thing about going into the wild is that other people you go with are equally excited and it’s easier to get excited together and hence make new friends! Below is a lovely bunch I met. Greetings fellow travelers!


Dirty boots!


Alternative to a long sleeve hoodie was a heavy dose of deet insect repellent on your arms. It worked quite well to be honest but them blood-thirsty vampires will always find this little spot on your skin you missed to cover so… decisions decisions! BOTH!


This funnily-shaped  trees were used for communication and navigation purposes. A strong kick in the bottom, thin wooden part of the tree made a very distinctive and laud sound that would travel afar.


This little bug makes the weirdest yet so familiar noise you can hear from afar.



Leech experience. For the record – this is not my hand. I would never let this creature bite me!


Spot a frog?


As much as I dislike (hate?) spiders, this one was rather interesting. A very unique look that can leave some people with restless nights. Do not zoom in!


I am happy they provided for shoes 🙂


Back on the river.  This is one of the worst ideas I have ever seen. Hanging your legs loose out of the boat while riding through a crocodile infested waters. Insane much? I could actually imagine a crocodile jumping out of water and taking a bite only to pull the innocent owner under water.



Striking a pose for me!


Here is a bunch of rare animals’ photos that you might be luck enough to encounter on the numerous trips into the wild. Some animals are nocturnal which requires a trip during the night, obviously.


Thanks for checking the post out, stay tuned for more!


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