Borneo: Kinabatangan River, part 2

There is something magical in waking up to the sound of jungle. It’s not individual voices, it’s a symphony of sounds that work so well together. Plus a fresh, cold morning air wakes you up instantly. This short but very intensive trip has left a desire to explore more. Seeing all the creatures along the river banks roaming free is an amazing experience and makes you appreciate the nature more.


The weather during my stay was brilliant. The morning mist hanged around just for half an hour or so during our river cruise but added some mystical feeling. You knew the animals were there as you could hear them, but there were nowhere to be seen.


The river was particularly calm on that day. I knew the 3 boat rides planned for the day will be great. The morning ride was very smooth and relaxing. Make no mistake though, the crocodiles were lurking deep underneath waiting for a pray to get closer.


The monkeys were very playful and wanted to get on the boat. I suspect they got used to having visitors and were expecting ‘gifts’. Of course human intervention should be minimal there and the monkeys got nothing from us! Apart from million pictures maybe.


Can you see his eyes!


We have a guest onboard!



The famous proboscis monkeys. They can only be found in Borneo and have quite a distinctive look about them! 🙂


Someone spotted Borneo Pygmy Elephants, but apparently the animals crossed the river a bit earlier and were going further away. Such a shame…


Monkeys do take care of each other!


Surprise! Mangrove snake taking a nap.


I was so lucky to see a Proboscis Monkey with a baby. Considering that they are endangered species this was a very lucky but joyful sight. Hope this little dude gets to have a decent and undisturbed life and that his jungle-home is not cut down.


What a beautiful sunset. The heat was no more and one could look up the sun and enjoy the last rays of lights before the sun hid behind the trees. Magical.


Back in the camp for the night.


The last full day in this beautiful place. Fantastic memories that’s for sure. But hey tomorrow is another day and a great trip into the jungle.

Thanks for stepping by,


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