I <3 Australia! Melbourne and Phillip Island.

And here goes another brilliant day in Down Under. I cannot express how much I love the weather in Australia. I know it’s not always that sunny and warm and beautiful in Oz, especially in Melbourne, but after arriving from a doom-like dull Liverpool all one needs is a bit of sunshine. But I got more than I expected! 🙂

Melbourne City Centre 35

When you are in Melbourne there are a few things that you need to see. If you are into tennis I don’t need to mention that the city is a host to Australia Open. The games are held in Rodlaver Arena. It’s within walking distance from the city centre so if you are a fan – it’s a must visit site!

Melbourne City Centre 32

Another place that is a must when in Melbourne is a museum dedicated to immigration. Australia is a relatively young country and immigration played a really important role in the process of creating the country. People floated to Oz for various reasons and made this place their home. Whether that was for a better life, better job, war in home country or discrimination on various grounds Australia remained open and everybody was welcome. Unfortunately the numbers have grown too rapidly and more rigorous laws were introduced to control (limit) the immigration. It’s not that easy to move over  there anymore. A few pics from the exhibitions below.

Immigration Museum

Immigration Museum Exhibition

Immigration Museum Exhibition 12

Immigration Museum Exhibition 13

I love the posters from back in the days when Australia desperately needed people to build the country. The obvious source was the motherland – Great Britain. Or the British Empire I should say?

Immigration Museum Exhibition 9

Immigration Museum Exhibition 6

Unfortunately not everyone was welcome.

Immigration Museum Exhibition 10

Immigration Museum Exhibition 11

Funny I made the same journey! Liverpool to Melbourne. Although it took a bit less than 80 days…

Immigration Museum Liverpool to Australia

Immigration Museum Exhibition 4

Immigration Museum Exhibition Ship Interior

Hmmmm… 🙂

Immigration Museum Exhibition 15

Immigration Museum Exhibition 14

Melbourne is a very pedestrian friendly city too. And picturesque as well. A few shots from just walking around the city below. It’s amazing how a river flowing through a city can change its’ character and add vibe! Life revolves around water after all.

Melbourne City Centre 21

Melbourne City Centre 25

Melbourne City Centre 37

Melbourne City Centre 5

Melbourne City Centre 27

Melbourne City Centre 14

Melbourne City Centre 18

Melbourne City Centre 17

Melbourne City Centre 36

Melbourne City Centre 23

Melbourne City Centre 15

Melbourne City Centre 8

Melbourne City Centre 30

If you have a spare half a day, there is one unique place close to Melbourne that is definitely worth seeing. You only need half a day (and it’s the second half of the day you need. Why? You shall find out shortly 🙂 ). After about 2 hours drive from the city you can find yourself in a no less picturesque Phillip Island. It’s an amazing escape from a busy city with some little attractions on the way, like Maru Koala & Animal Park.

Maru Koala Park 1

There are numerous Koala and Kangaroo parks around Australia so I won’t boast about this little park at all. It’s a nice opportunity to get close with animals, although I do not like the idea of locking them away. The more space they have – the better! Even though I don’t think Koalas mind being locked at all – as long as they are given some eucalyptus leaves! One thing I was made aware while there – Koalas used to be Koala Bears but scientists have proved that there is no relation between Koalas and Bears hence it’s just Koalas now.

Maru Koala Park 6

Koala eating

Maru Koala Park 5

Maru Koala Park 4

Maru Koala Park 3

Maru Koala Park 7

Maru Koala Park 8A dingo

Maru Koala Park Kokaburra

Phillip Island is quite famous for its beautiful landscape. Gentle coast from one side and dramatic from the other. The island is also home to various animals that you have high chances of encountering. Whether you want it or not 🙂

Philip Island 1.1

A wild walabi

Unknown Birds

Philip Island 1

Philip Island 2

Philip Island 3

Philip Island 5

Philip Island 6

Philip Island 7

Philip Island 8

Philip Island 10

Phillip Island

Phillip Island 2

Philip Island 11

Wanna have a dip in the puddle? Be careful. This is the Southern Ocean and it’s cold as ****!

Phillip Island 5

After seeing the coast you can simply relax in one of the picturesque towns.

Phillip Island eatery

Phillip Island eatery 2

Phillip Island 7

Phillip Island 9

If you are lucky you can also encounter some pretty surprising inhabitants. Small, little and cute… Penguins! In fact they are difficult to see during the day. It’s the evening you can see them as they leave the ocean and head home to their nests. So called Penguin Parade takes place every evening when the lights switch off. The smallest penguins in the World are simply afraid of the predators and they would rather leave safely when no one is watching. Otherwise they stay in the ocean or nest. Can you spot one below?

Phillip Island Penguins

Phillip Island Penguins 2

The parade starts in the evening on the below beach. It has been going for years.Once endangered the population is now considered as safe in numbers.

Phillip Island Penguins Parade beach-1

It’s an amazing spectacle that you can only see here on Phillip Island. Nowhere else Penguins have been so clever to develop this strategy of avoiding predators. And nowhere else have people become this clever to make money on it! Although money generated from the tickets is invested back in the protection of the animals. Saying that it’s an amazing show and if you are an animal lover and zoo is not enough, this is a must! Unfortunately taking pictures during the parade is forbidden. I managed to take a few shots but got told off two times for doing so! <ashamed>

Philip Island Penguin Parade

Philip Island Penguin Parade 3

Philip Island Penguin Parade 2

Philip Island Penguin Parade 6

Philip Island Penguin Parade 4

Philip Island Penguin Parade 7

Philip Island Penguin Parade 8

Philip Island Penguin Parade 9

Philip Island Penguin Parade 10

Lovely, aren’t they! Time to go back to Melbourne, take a sleep and head off to another amazing destination in Australia.

Melbourne Dark Tower

Melbourne City Centre 7

Melbourne City Centre Flinders Street

By the way. Australia is a VERY expensive country to live in and visit. Make no mistake and take loads of monies with you. Just have a look how much a bottle of precious water will cost you there:

Melbourne City Centre prices

Off to the airport. And up in the skies!

Melbourne City Centre Flinders Street 2Melbourne City Centre Flinders Street 3

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport 2

Melbourne Airport 3

Australia from above 2

Have a look in the below gallery for more pictures and stay tuned for another report from another spectacular place. I am sure you will like it!

Immigration Museum Exhibition 8



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