Toronto: a city to fall in love with (or in)

After a very intensive but extremelly rewarding trip to Niagara Falls I had plenty of time to explore Toronto. I did not know what to expect of the city really. Obviously I knew it for being the biggest city in Canada (and many still think it’s the capital city!) And of course for its landmark CN Tower. So anything else I discovered was a bonus. And the bonus is what I have fallen in love with!

I was lucky to have a brilliant warm weather all trip long. A little bit of rain later on day two was rather welcome and it was only short. So I might as well skip this part. So where do I begin. Maybe with the beginning? A bike trip to the Lake Ontario!

I cannot say the city is very bike-friendly. It’s just one of them huge american cities dominated by cars. It’s slowly changing to make way for pedestrian and bike paths but it takes time. The mentality must change too. So a ride in the city was both fun and challanging! Luckily I had a friend who guided me around so I have survived 🙂

I did not dare to take a swim in the lake although I must admit I was very tempted. The water seemed cool enough but my common sense took over. Maybe next time!

The rest of my time in the city I spent on my very own feet which I must admit did a great job! The city is rather extensive and my poor legs had to cover quite some distance at times! But what does build leg muscles better than long and joyful walks! And the walks among skyscrapers were thrilling. Toronto resembles US cities a lot and it is used in movies as such. That’s due to lower production costs here in Canada. Mind you of course this is after all canadian symbols have been cut out or reshaped 🙂

Wherever I went I always seemed to walk around the tower. That’s because it’s so damn tall! 551 meters above the street level can cause your next to become stiff from looking up. I could not come to Toronto and not go up the tower. The structure held the record of being the tallest free-standing for 32 years from 1975 to 2007, overtaken by Burj Khalifa.

What’s that? No, not the plane…

Noooooo! Hell to the no! Or maybe…? I was later advertised to use this service called Edge Walk (because you literally walk on the edge. I am a lil bit afraid of heights (so I love being high up as I get insta sweaty and the adrenaline kicks in… but it was just a bit too expensive. So I said no. Getting up the tower had to do it for me this time!

Amazing views from the top. But to get there one had to wait for at least 2h in a queue. Apparently the wind was just to strong and the lifts could not run full speed. That’s the price to pay for visiting big city’s main landmark. But whatever the time it was well worth the wait! You can always skip the queue and book yourself a table at the restaurant (in advance that is). There was a separate entrance for such guests. Mistakes you learn from!

Time to get down to Earth. And not to be completely biased glorifying the city left and right, I have to complain a bit. I believe the city is not using it’s amazing lakeside location to it’s full potential. The waterfront is very lacking, to say the least! Maybe I’m just used to the European urban planning around rivers, lakes and seas, but I was disappointed. And the highway running almost next to the waterfront? Demolish! Easier said than done, I know. And I also know Torontonians would love to do it, but the alternative is very, very costly…

Toronto 4. Lakeside

Ok, it’s not as bad and rural as the above picture, but I failed to capture a better one! Fortunately there are a few companies that offer boat trips around the lake with a magnificent views of the city skyline, so it’s a big bonus! And despite cloudy weather the views were magnificent !

Toronto Islands 3

And… here comes the night and I love Toronto by night! Especially in the summertime when you can just hang around different parts of the city an there is always something happening. And the temperatures outside are good enough for t-shirts (-20*C is nothing out of ordinary in winter months). Gotta love festivals like this Italian evening only 30 mins walk from the city centre. Great atmosphere, street stalls and music until late hours. Many, many people, great vibe and nice warm weather on a weekend night. Couldn’t ask for more!

Toronto 7 Italian evening

And if this is not good enough for you and you’d rather spend the evening on your own or with your fellow friend, you can find amazing places with super city views!

Toronto 6. evening

Don’t drink and drive! 🙂

Toronto 6. evening 2

You wander around the world and visit amazing cities and you ask yourself if you could see yourself living here or there. Could I see myself living in Toronto? My answer would probably be: “Hell yeah! In the summer only that is”. Why only summer? Winter time in Toronto can be harsh and I think I’ve had enough of bad weather in my life (giggle) and would rather live in a warmer place. And also… the apartment prices in Toronto have skyrocketed recently and I simply cannot afford living in such an expensive city anyway. So I can ask myself this question million times and say yes, I would love to. But who would pay the rent for me?!

PS. I really, really like poutine! If only it wasn’t going into all the wrong places on my body…

Toronto 2 Suburbs Poutine 2

Enjoy the gallery!

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