Ireland – a short evening trip to Dublin!

Dublin – the capital of the Republic of Ireland and the biggest city on the island. It is a relatively small city when you compare it to other European capitals, but an important hub for one of the biggest multinational companies in the World, like Google, Microsoft or even Facebook. And for that reason a lot of young people come to Dublin hoping to get a job in one of the companies located there making the city one of the youngest in the World (population wise). And you can see it on the streets (and in the countless bars too!)

Dublin 20 Temple Bar

My stay in the city was very limited and I stuck to the city centre. I arrived in the evening so I could not see any of the city’s museum (yes, there is one fab museum I definitely need to visit one day – the Guinness museum! What’s Ireland without a pint of Guinness? 🙂 So it’s only right to find out more about this black divine drink!

Dublin 15 Merchants Arch

It is quite ironic that one can get to Dublin from Liverpool faster (and easier) than to London! Therefore I will make sure I come and spend few days there. It is not a cheap city though. You can imagine that working for high profile corporations would pay well and so the prices of anything in Dublin is above the average. Once you are there you have to visit the Bar Temple but be warned that every pint will set you back by average 6-7 EUROs and it gets slightly more expensive after 11 PM (a common practice in Ireland). When you leave the street make sure you walk across the river on Ha’ Penny Bridge (the story goes the bridge was once pay-to-cross and the cost was exactly half a penny!). It’s easy to find as it’s the pretty, fairy tale one!

Dublin 29 Ha' Penny Bridge

You can easily walk around the city. I can’t imagine using the public transport as everything is really close (as I said Dublin is a nice compact city!). Plus you get to see more when you use all them lovely shortcuts! Dublin is a relatively safe city so one can for example wonder around the University at late hours and admire amazing works of art like the one below.

Dublin 25 University

I loved the vibe of the city and how friendly people were there. I would love to get lost in the city and wonder around for hours visiting multiple bars and listen to the famous Irish music. So…  Dublin, I will be back! 🙂

Dublin 30 Invitation

Have a look into the below small gallery and enjoy! 🙂


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