York: The former capital of England

Beautiful, busy, attractive, expensive. That’s York. Once a capital of England now a city full of historic sights that await to be discovered. Fortunately it’s only a couple of hours trip from mine so I made it a day trip. I wish the weather wasn’t so surprising and the railway museum didn’t shut so early, but a good trip overall!

River Ouse 2

York is a medium size city that you can see within a day or two and rely solely on your feet. No need for a car in the strict city centre. I would avoid the hassle to find an empty parking space. Plus once you are within the city core there is surprises around every corner! The only thing you need is your positive attitude and… an umbrella! 🙂

I’ve covered only the main sights of the city. Of course the main and the most important one is the cathedral. The Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St. Peter in York – that is its full name – or just York Minster – is one of the biggest Gothic cathedral in Europe and you just can’t miss it. It’s pretty visible from far away and impressive when closer. The cathedral is a pay-to-entry attraction so bear that in mind. More about it here. You can climb up the central tower for some really good views of the city and beyond. If you do dare to walk up 275 steps the challenge is all yours and you will be greatly rewarded.

York Cathedral after a cloudburst

The walk around the Minster was the moment I got surprised by the great British weather and the sunshine turned rapidly into a cloudburst. Only brief but intensive it got me soaking wet! Fortunately the temperature was rather high and a light breeze got me dry in no time.

York Cathedral 4

And literally few moments later:

York Cathedral Cloudburst

And instead of hiding I decided to use the opportunity and take some pictures (I’d been wet already so what’s the difference?). Plus that was the moment I could finally get the advantage of the weather resistant body of my camera! The joy of life in the rain! 🙂

Umbrella people in York

The city is full of cafes and shops so you can have a rest anytime you want really. You can have a coffee with a magnificent view of the cathedral or have a chat with a street pirate! I know, this is nothing outstanding but for some reason a pirate fits well in York?

A pirate in York

Also there once was a castle in York. I said once, because what’s left is not that much at all but gives a good overview of the town (If you didn’t dare to take the chance on the Minster’s main tower). Unfortunately I do not have any pics from the hill, but it’s wort having a look. It is also a pay-to-enter attraction.

York Castle

If you come with kids make sure they also have something to look forward too! And if you are a kid-within that attraction will most likely please you too! One of the biggest and probably the best railway museums in the World! It contains more than 100 locomotives from across the country (and few from the world including famous Japanese Shinkansen). Ever heard of a flying Scotsman? Yes, its there! It’s one of them places you just need to go. But be careful of the opening times. I only had 15 minutes inside as the museum shut (or in other words – I was late!). Also this attraction is Free-Entry, although donations are welcome.

York Railway Museum 2

The museum is located about 25 minutes walking from the cathedral. So if you make it that way you have a high chance to see a beautiful panorama of the city including the cathedral sticking out above the roofs. The pictures don’d do the justice.

York Skyline

And that’s about it! A little day trip to York left me craving for more. I definitely need to get back there and spend more time in the city and. Just the railway museum can be a destination on it’s own! So get yourself out and about and head towards this gem city!

And have a look into my gallery below for more pics. Cheers!


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