All roads lead to Rome – Glorious Sunday!

Good morning, evening, afternoon! Time for a short recap from the second day in Rome. I was lucky to be granted a glorious, warm and sunny day and could enjoy my tramping around the city to the full extend! Some people complained it was too hot and too sunny – but they obviously take things for granted! (said a guy living in rainy UK…).

As I had the flight back in the evening I basically had the whole day to spend in the city.  There was no need to worry I would be late – the city is quite compact. I made my way to the first and main point I wanted to do that day. I did it in the previous night, but wanted to return and see it if it’s full glory during the daylight. The Colosseum!

Inside colosseum

I feared the queue would be deadly but that was not the case. I do not think I had to wait for more than 20 mins. The queue was only to the x-rays (bag check).  Be warned though. There are plenty of people trying to sell fast track tickets. Avoid that! These are scams. Same goes for random fellas approaching you. At least 3 people tried to complement my shoes (they complement you to catch your attention – do not take the bait!).  What they do later I can only guess. So be careful.

The Colosseum itself  is massive, but there is not that much to see inside. All in all it’s only ruins. But… if you use your imagination the whole visit suddenly becomes way more enjoyable! Just imagine the crowds waving and cheering for the best gladiator to win. Unfortunately it was very often a fight to death (I tried not to imagine this bit!!!)

I left the Colosseum and headed towards Forum Romanum (Roman Forum). Ancient ruins but in a quite good shape! An old plaza surrounded by ruins of old government buildings. Once a centre of Roman public life now an important tourist attraction. The entry price is included in the Colosseum ticket.

Forum Romanum 6

I wondered around for a while and moved on to the Palatine Hill. It’s located next to the Forum Romanum (overlooking it) to one side and Circus Maximum (ancient Rome stadium) to the other. The hill is one of the Seven Hills of Rome. Once home to Augustus imperial palaces, it’s certainly a place worth visiting.

The whole complex (the Colosseum + Forum Romanum) takes good few hours to see but you just cannot miss it when in Rome. There is one more place I’d recommend you to have a glance at. That’s Pantheon. An ancient temple converted to a church. Free entry for everyone, just be mindful of a small queue outside. It’s a round church with a magnificent dome and the resting place to few famous personas, including Victor Emmanuel II or Raphael. It should not take too much time inside and there are plenty of nice bars and cafes outside to enjoy the day.

Pantheon inside2

So this is it! A very quick weekend in Rome but I managed to cover most of the main landmarks. Of course I would highly recommend to stay loooonger than that. 2 days is simply not enough as there are countless places to see and things to do.  And do not use public transport. It’s not very reliable (so I was told) and you will see more while walking around. And it’s good for your heart to tramp around! 🙂
Hope you enjoy the gallery below!


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