All roads lead to Rome – Saturday afternoon

After a busy morning in Vatican I decided to take it easy in the city suburbs, meaning Rome (someone would probably like to punch me for saying that!). Of course I am (sort of) joking. Saying that, the catholic church influence in Rome is visible and one could say that Vatican City is the actual capital. Whether I agree or not, Rome is a magnificent place I truly enjoyed walking around. And because everything is rather close I managed to cover quite few places too just by bouncing around!

Piazza Navona 2

The place I liked the most that afternoon was the river Tiber. It’s probably because I walked so much that morning I needed some place where I could relax and take a breath. A lazy river was what I needed the most. I just sat by it and enjoyed the moment listening to the nearby street performers. The weather was brilliant. Sunny, but not too hot. I just lurked in the shadows offside for a bit and enjoyed the moment. Fantastic feeling!

Rome River Bridge

I had no agenda for the evening really. The only place I wanted to see was the Colosseum after dark. Rome’s famous attraction was definitely not to be missed. I had a cheeky plan to see it twice – in the daytime and nighttime. I got there quite late and had the landmark just for myself! Yeah… I wished. Although I was there around 23:00 the place was still full of people. Like literally crowds of wanderers! It also made a bit safer but I could dream of getting a nice clear shot of the landmark. So I had to be creative and get up to places where people would not stand in the way! And then I realized I wasn’t really creative as this is probably the most common view of the building ever. Sigh….

Colosseum by night 3

So that’s pretty much it. A lovely day in Rome. Have a look in the below gallery and stay tuned for day two in the Eternal City!


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