Milan – a quick glance!

I really quick glance. I do feel guilty sometimes when I visit a city and do not spend enough of time there to properly see it. Let alone discover back streets and feel the vibe. That was the case with Milan. It’s an amazing city (so I’ve heard…!) that has got plenty to offer. Unfortunately I only had a morning (Easter Monday) to walk around and the weather did not help. I had to limit myself to the central locations. But I am still glad I gave the city a quick look and it has definitely left a desire to see more!

I took a late evening train from Florence to Milan and despite quite a distance the ride was fast (well, 300km/h is pretty damn quick!) and comfortable. I highly recommend traveling this way. Distances “on the boot” can be huge but trains are super fast and priced reasonably. The arrival to Milan by train also leaves the mount slightly open. The station is magnificent and grandiose! I have to say it’s one of the pretty ones out there and fits the city quite well! There is a metro station right underneath so getting around the city is easy (which cannot be said about other Italian cities where the public transport leaves a lot to desire…). The day was beneficially gone and so was my mind. Early evening for me 🙂

Beautiful sunset 1

I woke up quite early the next day to allow myself to see as much as possible. I had my flight back home early afternoon so I decided to walk around fast for them few hours I had left. The weather was gloomy most of the time but luckily the blue sky gazed out of the clouds for few moments for me to take some nicer pictures!


I started off at the cathedral square (Piazza del Duomo) and it is superb! The 600-years-old cathedral itself is magnificent and it looks even better at night (no pics unfortunately). Surprisingly you have to pay if you want to see inside. I did not really have enough of time.  The  square also hosts another grand venue. It’s called Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The chances are you have seen the building somewhere already. It’s one of the most beautiful malls (ehm… gallery?!) in the World. Not too big, but grand in it’s open passages. Of course with the beauty comes the price. And nothing’s cheap there (that’s relative of course!). But Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals and the gallery proves the title is well deserved.

Vittorio Emanuele Mall-2-1

I walked through the gallery and on towards the castle. As it was quite early the castle was still closed so I could not look inside. And I had another place I really wanted to see in Milan. Few days earlier I watched the new BBC series Planet Earth II. The episode was about life and animals living in the cities. As you might have guessed, Milan was one of the places Sir David Attenborough mentioned (in the context of cities being more nature-friendly). That’s because of the grand skyscraper project called Bosco Verticale (vertical forest, vertical garden). This is two residential towers in the Porta Nuova district of Milan. What sets this project apart is a small eco-system embodied on the towers. Each floor houses trees that help clear the air and provide oxygen. It’s not only environmentally friendly but looks amazing as well! If I ever lived in a flat again – I would love to live in one with a tree on my balcony! Simply amazing!

Bosco Verticale5

I left the city early afternoon from Bergamo airport wishing I could come back at some point. And there is a small trip somewhere in my mind that would require flying in to Milan again so I am sure I will see the city one more time and venture where I have not yet been. I will try to have a look at the fashion side of the city as this is what I have missed (being early in the morning on Easter Monday!). So Bergamo and Milan, I’ll be back!


By the way – if you ever wondered what’s the real visible distance between UK and continental Europe… here’s the answer: Left – UK, Right – France.

UK left and France right

Enjoy the gallery 🙂


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