A weekend in Florence – Saturday (1/2)

I think I will not lie if I say that the city is one of the most picturesque cities in Italy (or the World?). Many would claim it’s the most beautiful of them all. There is something in this as Florence is one and only. And other cities are Florence-wannabe. I have heard multiple nicknames of some other European cities being called Florence of the North or Florence of the East. This is Florence of Tuscany!

The cathedral duomo

I only had 2 days in the city so not as much as I’d like but I still managed to see quite a bit. The first day was a bit dull but the foretasted rain only materialized after midnight so no complains! So where do we start? A museum perhaps? Sure! Although huge and nearly never-ending queues to museums successfully reduced my desire to visit many. I decided I had to do at least 1 museum and my pick was obvious! – Galleria dell’Accademia. (ok, not so obvious as it’s the second most visited museum after the Uffizi Gallery). It’s a small one but I did manage to see many of Michael Angelo works, mainly marbles including the famous David!  And this guy is huge…! But again the museum was super crowded. If you think of visiting any museum in Florence – but the tickets in advance and I mean it. Otherwise you will spend 1h+ just standing in the line. And this time could be spent so much more effectively!

David 3

I spent the evening wondering around the town exploring endless maze of beautiful renaissance streets. It was somehow familiar as similar streets could be found in Krakow in Poland. But I assume it was Florence itself that was the inspiration for many architects. No wonder as it’s a beautiful style that makes the living in the city a bit more doable! But it also attracts loads of tourists making it sometimes unbearable. Sigh! 🙂

Crazy motorbikes

I ventured in many directions wherever my feet would take me. I did not really have any plans on the day 1. Florence is rather compact and you can get anywhere within a walking distance. I have to say I walked a lot and covered most of the city and enjoyed the sights! And when you stumble across something you know makes it even more precious and of a discovery! So… the bridge with shops built on! It’s quite unique and a bit weird looking. Ponte Vecchio! Not so beautiful on the outside and expensive inside if you planned some shopping out there. But who says that you can’t just watch 🙂 Or buy a watch! Up to you.

Ponte Veccio3

I ended up the day with a bang! I decided to look at the city from a little bit higher up and someone recommended to climb Piazzale Michelangelo. I am pretty sure you would recognize the view of the city you get from that place. Thousands of pictures are taken there daily! So no way mine would be unique in any way. But it does not take the beauty of the city away in any way. Florence is marvelous from above too! I could definitely have a house on one of the hills surrounding the city and enjoy the spectacular views every day and night. And the cathedral does the trick for the skyline. Just see for yourself.

Florence at night2

So that’s it for the day one. Have a look at the gallery below and see you the day after! The weather was great and it shows in the pictures. Stay tuned!

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