The infamous city of Blackpool!

There is a city up in northern England that I was advised never to visit. Not because it’s dangerous (well, only locals can tell if it isn’t!) but because it’s seen as a tacky place to get solid drunk.  But you know how it is – the more you discourage someone from doing something, the more one wants to do it.  So here I am in Blackpool challenging the myth!

So… It’s Saturday. It’s a beautiful day. If the city does not impress me on this day then it’s not impressive at all. And… it’s not ugly! Seriously, a city located on the coast cannot be ugly. You might get enough of the concrete so just turn to the water (or mountains, as it turned out). I did.

I arrived by bus to the Pleasure Beach and although the day was sunny, a cold breeze could be felt. After wrapping the coat around my neck I ventured to see the famous Big One – the biggest rollercoaster in this Blackpool’s leasure park . I decided not to enter the theme park as it was too cold and the park too small plus I had limited time. Why too small? I had been spoiled by them great american crazy rollercoasters and even solid rides in Europe don’t suffice anymore… but I do recommend it to anyone who likes medium level thrill rides 🙂

There is quite a distance between the Pleasure Beach and the Blackpool Tower – the ultimate destination. At least 20 minutes of easy walking right by the beach. Unfortunately I cannot say it’s a nice walk, at least on the sidewalk. It’s very rough and full of tacky fish and chips restaurants. Be warned – many of those do not take cards – just cash! 21st century of course. I would not recommend eating there anyway. But if you have to or want to (I wanted to try), pick the one that looks clean and professional. Moving on, there are few attractions that one may like. The famous Madame Tussauds, a water park and the Sea Life Blackpool. Each to their own.

And finally the Blackpool Tower! Opened on 14 May 1894 this red inspired by the Eiffel Tower structure stands tall at 518 feet (158 meters) above the ground level.  Working as an observation and radio tower it is the most recognizable landmark of the city. A truly Victorian engineering masterpiece. The top not only offers great views (not included in the gallery below) but also something for thrill seekers that can boost one’s adrenaline level quite high! A glass floor more than 100 meters above the ground. Would you dare standing on it? Some kids did! 🙂

Apart from the tower, there was one more thing I really liked about the city. The beach and what you could see from it – the Lake District Mountains! Fairly well in the distance standing majestically with the peaks covered in snow. An absolutely stunning view! Hope the pictures can express what I mean.

What about drunk people then? Guess what. There were none! Being Saturday early afternoon probably wasn’t the best time to see them crawling, but if you ever wanted to see Blackpool but was put off by that – be reassured you won’t meet many this time of the day / week. So hop on a bus, train or in your own car and explore the city! Well worth seeing at least once in your life! 🙂


Have a look below and enjoy!



One thought on “The infamous city of Blackpool!

  1. You’ve said it all! But I disagree with your comment about walk from Pleasure Beach to Blackpool Tower! I love that walk along the beach. But then again, I see Blackpool through rose coloured spectacles! Glad you had a great time. Fab pics!

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