A 500 mile long goodbye

All good things come to an end. It is partly true. Nothing can last forever, except for experiences and memories and I chose to believe that. In all honesty this trip has provided more than I could ask for. Wonderful people venturing together through amazing places. No, I will never forget this. And if some parts do manage to escape my memory – this blog will definitely be a reminder of what I had experienced!

After Finishing our trip in Addo Elephant National Park we made a U-turn and stopped in Port Elisabeth to drop few people off. The town was nothing spectacular, although I loved the ocean side. Crystal clear waters and golden sands were so inviting! But we did not have time to fool around so after few moments of sunshine intakes we hopped back on the bus and drove away down the coast towards Cape Town. The distance to cross was rather long and we could not do it in one go. Or maybe we could but that would be too exhausting and that wasn’t the point. Instead we took our time and stopped by few places and spent another night by the Ocean. And that view from our room…. absolutely astonishing! Exactly how I would picture my perfect home location. That would probably be me and 5 billion other people thinking the same…sigh!

As the evening approached I went for a short run down the beach and I got carried away by the beauty of the place – Wilderness! I kid you not, That’s how the place was called. The story goes there was a girl and a guy. The girl’s father said he would let the daughter marry the guy under one condition: they would live in wilderness. Clever guy wanted to live somewhere less remote. He found a suitable peace of land which he then purchased and called Wilderness. Voila! And it was wildly beautiful!

I opened my eyes in the morning looking at the ocean. I could never dream of this but my bed leaned against a glass wall with an ocean view. Experiences like this make you realize that life is not just a simple pattern of work eat sleep routine. Life is a bunch of unforgettable experiences and this was one of them.

After we got packet and ready we started the last stretch of the journey to Cape Town. A bit gloomy at the beginning only to clear out later in the day to get back cloudy in Cape Town. A wee stop to admire beautiful cliffs at Mossel Bay and short lunch break at Farmers Saturday Festival. I confess I committed a faux pas and ordered some Mexican food… although very tasty and made by native and super friendly South African! 🙂

Approaching Cape Town was nothing short of amazing. I was lucky enough to sit in the front seat and admire the views singing to Queen and the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons again. I giggle when I think of that now 🙂 Fun times!

This is how the journey ends. I hope it wasn’t the last time I visited this wonderful country. So many warm memories will not leave me hanging on there for long. And I highly recommend to anyone who thinks of going to the Republic of South Africa. It’s well worth it and lifetime memories are guaranteed!

Click in the gallery to enjoy in full size.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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