Ain’t no Africa without safari!

We are slowly coming to the end of this short 10 days trip to South Africa. But the trip to the old continent would not be complete without a proper safari experience! Although I did not manage to visit the biggest and most famous game reserve – Kruger National Park – I have no regrets as Addo Elephant Park was an amazing experience and more than I could have asked for!

But first thing first. Getting up by the ocean is something I want to do everyday (read between the lines here 🙂 ). And doing so in Myoli has boosted this desire. I did not mind getting up slightly before the rest of the group. The experience and picturesque views paid it off. I loved it there! But this could not last forever as other amazing things awaited that day. Before we went to Addo we visited Tsitsikama National Park and climbed some pretty old and tall trees and slid down from the tree crown. This is a rainforest and home to absolutely astonishing number of wild and rare animals. And I have to say that Knysna Loerie is the most beautiful bird that I have ever seen. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures but the memories are live! On the other hand someone told us we were lucky we did not come across the king of the forest – Cape Leopard! But in fact it’s rare to see and active only at night. And we did not dare to venture into the forest around that time anyway! It was a fun day that ended with chilling by the swimming pool with a glass of wine and loads of sunshine on my face. Dreams do come true….!

The next day started at 4 am in the morning for us. Yes, that’s right. 4 freaking am! But I assure you would like to get up this early to find yourself in Addo National Park before dawn. And that is to have a bigger chance to see nocturnal animals that would hunt around that time. Addo is home to the big 7 – elephant, rhinoceros, lion, buffalo, leopard, whale and great white shark. Of course we couldn’t see the last 2 without hopping on the boat, but we managed to spot Elephants, Buffalo and Lions with cubs! And I did manage to take pictures of them this time 🙂 Seeing elephants was another story though. I thought I wouldn’t really care much for elephants as I had seen them so many times in various zoos, but I was wrong. So wrong. These animals are different when living in the wild (semi wild actually, as this is still a huge, but closed area. There are not many open and unprotected wild areas in Africa anymore). Elephants when free act like a family with spoiled kids running under parents legs! They play with water and chase each other. They respect the elders and make way for them. They group together but do not rush in to the water waiting patiently for their turn. And due to the droughts the meeting point was obviously a small pond attracting hundreds of elephants. And I mean hundreds. This…was…once in a lifetime experience…

Have a look yourself and enjoy!

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