Deserts, rainforests and back to the Ocean!

It’s time I move on with my journey through the beautiful country of South Africa. And when I went through the photos of the places I have been to I realized that the trip was a very fast paced one indeed. 500 miles (800kms) from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth and back in just 6 days. Actually probably a bit more on the way there as we had multiple detours to see different places. But be not mistaken – not a single regret here! The bus part was fun too! And the clever thing was we rotated within the bus so in a different seat everyday. That was for everybody to enjoy the front seat views or suffer the back seat jumps at least once 🙂

We start this part of the trip by crossing some cold(ish) and cloudy mountains only to find ourselves in the desert dreaming of cold beer / milkshakes! We were granted both followed by wine tasting an hour later. In the right mood we escaped the desert and found ourselves squeezing through tiny holes in the Cango Caves. It was a challenge for some 🙂 We finished the day by admiring the biggest (and tastiest?!) birds on Earth – Ostriches.

The following day we found ourselves canoeing through a rainforest – and obviously it rained! The second half of the day we spent in this pretty bay city of Knysna. Nobody minded the clouds when there were so many pretty things here on the ground! See for yourself 🙂


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