Go East. South African beauty revealed!

A very pretentious title, but I literally had to clue how to call this post. I first wanted to use a word paradise but it felt rough at times there. But then again I am not really unveiling anything here as everybody knows that South Africa is beautiful. So I will keep the title to myself. It was a discovery to me in a sense I couldn’t take my eyes off the ocean and the mountains. Or both. I was hypnotized. The weather did help, but jeeez this place has left a solid mark in my memory. And people that know me better know this is rarely a case 🙂 And why east? Well. The trip started in Cape Town and everything else happened to the east of the city!

But first thing first. This and few more posts will be a series made on a trip called Garden Route. It was a pre-arranged 6-day venture on a mini bus from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth and back. And yes, i can say it laud and publicly – absolutely a lifetime experience and warm memories that will stay with me for a long, long time to come. Earthstompers.com – you rock the boat!

This was a fast paced trip with long bus travels so it’s not a standard holiday. But if just a small part of the inner you is adventurous I am sure you would find this trip being a blast, just like I did! And the people you meet on the way – people of so many walks of life and an absolute mix of origins would soon become one. A one group of friends venturing across unknown singing to Mumford and Sons – “Little Lion Man”! What did the guy do again?! 🙂

I believe pictures will say more than a thousand words so go ahead and have a look.


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