Bo-Kaap, Lion’s Head and freedom girl!

Bo-Kaap – an (over)colorful multicultural (mainly Muslim) district is where today’s adventure begins! I have to admit I wanted to see it but had no clue where to go. Stumbled across it on my way to Lion’s Head so… a great find yo!

The houses do stand out. Some might find them kitschy, some will admire the location and the setting. It’s not a major attraction as people simply still live in the houses (until they all turn into a museum in the future I suspect). Vibrant colours make them a perfect target for a postcard photo from Cape Town!

Funny fact – it is a former township. In western world also known as slums or favelas. What a transformation, ain’t it?!

On with my adventure. As the weather was gorgeous on that day I decided to hike (or climb, as it turned out) Lion’s Head! More than 600 meters above the ocean level guaranteed spectacular views over the city and beyond! And as you might have noticed, I am a sucker for beautiful views from high above 🙂 So this was a must. Silly me I did not protect my skin well enough and got sunburned quite badly in some areas.

~Man, this is Africa!~ That was what I heard when someone saw the red, burned parts of my back where the skin was showing. So, remember when you go to South Africa – THIS IS Africa!


2 thoughts on “Bo-Kaap, Lion’s Head and freedom girl!

  1. Thanks for taking me up Lions head Adrian, I totally enjoyed reading your comments and the way you capture things.. you did your homework on some of the tourist destinations- impressive.


    1. Thank you my friend! I enjoyed my stay very much and it’s easier then to share it with people – as it’s so natural! Definitely a trip to remember. And repeat! 🙂


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