The South African dream begins!


There is a place so exotic and distant, and yet so familiar and close to our hearts – Its South Africa! And because we are all Africans, it felt a bit like a return home.

Alright, I’m not going to stretch it further, but I have to admit I felt the warmth everyone talks about. And it’s not only the sun warmth, but mainly people’s kind approach. Not everyone was smiling, obviously and it even felt a bit unsafe when I first arrived and had to find the hostel going through the dark and empty streets (nothing happened!), but as I ventured across the country I saw people of many walks of life and… full of life and cool approach towards life. Despite the difficult times and political whirlpool. Live your life to it’s greatest potential someone said!

People of South Africa are lucky to live in such a  beautiful and diverse country. I could capture only a small bit of it but hope you can get a grasp of the beauty it has to offer. I only spent 9 days in the country but man it felt like a month!!!

Let me take you there, dear reader. The journey begins in Liverpool and goes through Manchester, Dubai with the final Destination in Cape Town.


The journey took approx 25 hours in total and it was tiring. But I have to admit I was so excited that I did not feel tired when I landed in Cape Town. Actually – on the contrary – it’s like I found this source of hidden energy within me. And it stayed with me throughout the journey allowing me to take so many photos (too many actually…). So without further due, enjoy part one!


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