Last morning in Barcelona…

I was a little sad to leave the city despite staying there for such a short time. And maybe exactly because of that? I did not have a chance to appreciate it in full glory (and full sun…). It’s only 2h flight away so I will definitely come back but only when it’s a little bit warmer. And I am a little bit wiser not to hope for too much sun in the winter time 🙂

I had the flight back in the afternoon so decided to get up early and see the coast and a bit of the old city. I must admit I saw quite a bit considering the limited time I had. I did not plan the trip in advance. Just got there, looked at the map and decided where to go as I went 🙂 It’s usually a bit better planned, but as this was only a weekend away I decided to go with the flow. No regrets whatsoever! 🙂


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