Hostels over Hotels

Once you have booked your flight ticket you probably would like to start looking for some affordable bed and maybe breakfast.

Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Palms,
Famous Venice Beach.


I will not re-invent the wheel proposing a relatively cheap solution: a hostel! I say relatively cheap as there are places where hostels are rather expensive (because everything is expensive – yes, I look at you San Francisco!). But there are other cheap or even free options!

Although be aware you will be sleeping with other people! They would be backpackers, just like you, and usually very friendly and helpful. But do not let down your guard. Always lock your belongings or simply take them with you. I would not recommend booking a hostel with no lockers available. Unless you plan to carry your backpack with you at all times. Saying that – I have never had anything stolen or damaged. Either luck or simply being cautious.


If you want to live with locals and not pay too much, you can look on – that’s a place where regular people rent rooms or even whole apartments just like hotels. The charge depends solely on them. You can grab a centrally located high floor apartment with a wonderful views for peanuts! If you book in advance that is.

Surf that couch!

You can also spend a night completely for free being hosted by a member of one of the following:


The above is where people that travel the world stay at each other places. It is a wonderful idea that brings people together. There is a catch though. You can stay anywhere you’d like (assuming the host accepts you), but you’d have to offer your bed in exchange!  I mean… a bed in your house / flat. Not necessarily the one you would also sleep in. But who knows 🙂

Sleep while you move!

Not the most comfortable way of spending the night, but you can do this to save money and travel the distance! It’s as simple as booking an overnight train ticket from one place to another. I would not recommend a bus  as it will not be convenient enough. Also a plane is not recommended either due to limited leg room, engine noise and all the check-in hassle.

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