Fly on the cheap!

Flights can be quite expensive if you do not do your research and just buy whatever offer comes first. But I do not believe you wouldn’t use or to compare rates. This is a must and a basic thing to do.

But there are multiple tools available online that can drastically reduce the cost of your ticket. Unfortunately a cheap ticket usually comes at a price. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Well, you would be paying with your free time and flexibility. It is very common that cheapest tickets would include a long layover , strange flight dates and you would be flying with WTF airlines (especially in Asia).

Sometimes though things go wrong for the airlines or brokers and you can come across an error ticket (let’s say prices to Asia for 150 EUROs. Have you ever seen any? I have). When you see such you know you need to act fast. But after you do buy such ticket – hold your horses as the airline (or broker) that just sold the ticket to you might waive it. Yes, it does happen and it’s not rare. So if you spot a sweet deal and decide to go ahead with the purchase, wait for few days before you book any hotels or trips.

There are few sites that post deals and errors. Some are interchangeable. You can subscribe and receive instant whatsapp notifications. Easy!


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