Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Home!

There are times when I wonder whether money can really give you happiness. I mean there are definitely things that you can buy that would make you happy for a while. And having money gives you some peace of mind – a very important sense of security. This is essential. But if you do happen to be a millionaire – be careful where you spend your money. Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive are not the best places to do so. Here is why:

  • You pay for overpriced properties and goods with no price tags.
  • You need to have a maid as it does not look good if you do the cleaning yourself!
  • There will always be somebody richer than you! Most likely your neighbour.
  • Micheal Jackson and Bill Cosby lived on the same street. Coincidence?
  • Your car must be valued proportional to your house.
  • It’s located miles away from the ocean! Like miles and miles! Probably two miles.

Convinced? If you believe and agree with the above – less competition for me to snatch a good house deal in Beverly Hills! 🙂 Because it is… what it seems to be. Let’s walk around!

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