Yosemite National Park

There is one thing that you realize when you are there. And that’s how small you are. This is at least how I felt. A wall 1000 meters tall (El Capitan) is something your eyes cannot even comprehend until you see a comparison. A rock climber for example. But look closely as they are smaller than ants!

I booked the trip through viator.com, which I recommend. They are a tripadvisor company that links you with all small companies around the world that organize excursions. A middleman so to speak, but it’s clear and reliable. The trips they offer range from short city walks to long (and often expensive) journeys.

My trip started in San Francisco, where I was picked up from in front of my hostel (easy, see?). The bus was full, a group of about 20 people and we were all strangers to each other (apart from few couples and small groups that booked the excursion together). The driver, apart from taking us to Yosemite, was also a guide and hey he was a chatterbox! But I found out quite few interesting facts which you can find in the gallery below.



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