Let’s bike the bridge and off to LA!

I regret not spending more time in San Francisco. Unfortunately I did not have enough of holiday days to be able to stay for longer. I would recommend to spend at least 5 days in the city, or 6 if you want to do Yosemite National Park (as shown in the previous posts).

On the last day in SF I rented a bike and decided to bike the bridge! Driving downtown through the forest of skyscrapers and passing all the cars and buses by was a bit of a wow for me! I am glad I wasn’t the lonely cyclist so I just followed others.

Getting closer to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge was an experience in itself. It’s a wonderful construction. There might be bigger and longer bridges now, but this will remain the most recognizable bridge in the world. And it is my favorite!

In the afternoon I tramped around the city exploring it the best possible way. Although you need to be mindful  that some shape is required to walk up and down the hills.

  • TIP: There was a discount I was given by my hostel and the 1 day rental was around 20 dollars. They offered an insurance but I decided not to take it. Nothing happened but it is recommended to take it for the peace of mind. You do not want to turn your holiday into a nightmare. Although be mindful that the insurance is a substantial income for the rental agencies so try to be alert of unrealistic prices. Don’t get scammed!


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