Let’s go to California!

Hello everyone!

I had been planning on going to San Francisco and Los Angeles for ages. Never really had an opportunity or self confidence to do this. But something someday just clicked and I decided to do it. I knew that once I bought the ticket everything else would just roll on. And it had! Absolutely an amazing trip that has left me with a traveling bug.

As I knew I would be tramping around a lot I decided to take just a carry on bag. Yes – a small backpack and nothing else! The weather was supposed to be summer’ish so no heavy clothing. Also overpacking is a mistake many people make. You do not need that many cloths. Firstly, you can always but something that you need and that can be a nice souvenir in itself. Another option is simply find a place to do laundry. Easy. I will talk about this more in the tips and tricks section.

The trip begins in my home town – Liverpool.

Let’s go!

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