Hostels over Hotels

Once you have booked your flight ticket you probably would like to start looking for some affordable bed and maybe breakfast. Hostels! I will not re-invent the wheel proposing a relatively cheap solution: a hostel! I say relatively cheap as there are places where hostels are rather expensive (because everything is expensive – yes, I … More Hostels over Hotels

Fly on the cheap!

Flights can be quite expensive if you do not do your research and just buy whatever offer comes first. But I do not believe you wouldn’t use or to compare rates. This is a must and a basic thing to do. But there are multiple tools available online that can drastically reduce the cost … More Fly on the cheap!


This wasn’t a beautiful day. Cold, windy, rainy and probably the best place one could have spent it was home. But this was my holiday! And one of just few days in San Francisco. Plus I had already bought the ticket, so had no choice but to go. And to be honest, the weather added quite a bit … More Alcatraz